Shorts & Duvets


The concept and product:

Two periods:

One is dedicated exclusively to selling shorts and belts.

The other is dedicated exclusively to selling down jackets.

A specific and simple presentation

The reference of the bermuda and down jacket


SUMMER: shorts and belts

Men, women and children

Models referring to Bermuda (city, street, beaches etc.)

Variety of cuts, fabrics, colours, patterns, washes and other materials

Renewing collections

The spirit of detail


Boutique Be-Shorts : marque de bermudas haut de gamme

WINTER: down jacket

Men, women and children

Sleeveless styles or removable sleeves for men and women

Model with sleeves for the child

Plain and patterned collection

boutique duvets

Be-shorts offers an indispensable accessory for bermudas: the belt.